Peering with AS42093

We are currenty active on the NL-IX. In the near future we will install our uplink to AMS-IX. We have an open peering policy.

Peering details
AS number: AS 42093
Prefixes ipv4: 7
Prefix 1:
Prefix 2:
Prefix 3:
Prefix 4:
Prefix 5:
Prefix 6:
Prefix 7:
Suggested ipv4 prefix limit: 20
Prefixes ipv6: 3
Ipv6 Prefix 1: 2a00:1938::/32
Ipv6 Prefix 2: 2a03:8e20::/32
Ipv6 Prefix 3: 2a07:3c00::/29
Suggested ipv6 prefix limit: 20
Max accepted prefixes: 250 (default)

NL-IX details:
Ipv4 address:
Ipv6 address: 2001:7f8:13::a504:2093:1/64
AS number: AS 42093
NL-IX location: Previder PDC2
NL-IX port: 10 GigE
ND-IX details:
Ipv4 address:
Ipv6 address: 2001:7f8:e::4:2093:1/64
AS number: AS 42093
ND-IX location: InterDC Enschede
ND-IX port: 1 GigE

You can send your peering request to peering AT icehosting DOT nl. Please configure your side within 24 hours after sending this mail. Also include your details in the email.